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Dear Sports Scientists,

The 10th International Conference In Physical Education, Sports And Physical Therapy- Icpespt-2016 will be held on 18-20 November, 2016 at Firat University Faculty of Sports Sciences, together with Alexandru Ioan Cuzaˮ University of Iași Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in Romain wich is the ERASMUS partner of Firat University Faculty of Sports Sciences. The congress will be held 10th times this year with the theme of “Physical Education, Sports and Health For Sustainable Development Goals”, and it’s aim is; to improve ideas about research trends and to create a change and criticism discussion platform based on sport science and physical therapy.

I think the Congress will contribute young academicians by bringing them together with scientists, who taken as model in Turkey and the World, sharing the latest scientific developments and changes along with participants from different sports disciplines and congress will contribute to transfer knowledge in the field. With this purpose I would like to share that, we are aware of the responsibility on our University, Faculty and the organization team causes from “The 10th International Conference in Physical Education, Sports and Physical Therapy” and I would like to share our hospitality request with Elazig’s tourism, natural beauty and unique hospitality. Harput, the first settlement of Elazig and an ancient city dating back to the BC 20th century will attract the attention of esteemed participants with its museum, castle, mosques, churches and cave freezer.

            I want to underline that we are happy to entertain you esteemed participants at the congress will be held in our university campus, with student volunteers and organizing committee of our faculty. With the hope to contribute to our core work area of sports sciences, to honor us with your participation to “The 10th International Conference in Physical Education, Sports and Physical Therapy”. We will happy to see you with us.

            Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Cengiz ARSLAN

Faculty of Sports Science Dean

Congress President